About me

I have been a technical writer for 35 years. I’ve often said that I am the most prolific writer that nobody ever read. Now I want to get back to creative writing and I am using this blog to get started.

I have also recently wandered back into the world of photography, after a long absence.

I do what?

What I do

My living is and has been technical writing. I’ve been through at least seven startups, two medium-sized companies, and three large corporations. I’ve been both a manager and a writer, and I still love the challenge.

What I should do

I should finish that story I have in my head.

What else I do

I’m an avid reader of history and philosophy as well as sci-fi and fantasy. I’m an amateur astronomer and I visit Gettysburg. A lot.
My wife and I do a lot of kayaking on our local lake.

What I haven’t done

I haven’t completed a novel or even a decent short story. That is where I am setting my sights. If you’d like to hang with me, maybe you can help me out on my project.