When I look into your   Crystal-stream eyes

And see where love has taken us
My body and soul            Melt as one

And drift shapeless on        A sea of time and space

When I feel you next to me, the pounding of your heart           
To join with mine,

Reality is but a dream
Lost to the rhythm.

For when I hold you close to me           
We are not here and now
But drifting shapeless on
A sea of time and space

Our bodies, side by side           
Are but messengers to our souls.

And what tidings they bear           
I give to you—

So smile, my eternal love

For we can never die

So long as we drift shapeless on a sea of time and space.


The moon appears,
Wading through clouds of despair;

Looking upon the earth,
Gently throwing beams of light
           Where mortals tread

And the steeple appears,
Eerie reminder of man’s

Faith, hope,
And imminent mortality.

For we have built these steeples
Even knowing we must die

But relishing the thought that
god, in the whisper of the moonlight

Is smiling, upon our souls,

Promises of immortality.

The Stream

Flowing stream
Of infinite life.


Rush onward
Where you must.

Fattened by the
Melting winter

Swelled and covering
The rocks in your midst.

Now dry summer
Makes you gaunt and thin.

Where life once flowed
You leave

Stagnant pools of death.

Sadly now we wait
To see if you
Shall not also become a
Victim of time.

But then you are reborn
And immortal is your spirit,

With your veins
Become full again.

Truly you are life and death,


The Path

I walked along that one-mile path
That felt the wrath
Of Blue and Gray
That bloody day.

Virginians must heed the call!
The ranks stood tall.
Fix bayonets!
Howl out your threats!

I walked along Lee’s final thrust.
Though fade it must,
It’s on the breeze-
The dying pleas.